Friday, January 07, 2005

Oklahoma's Meth Law Becomes a National Model

Last year, Oklahoma passed a law making it more difficult to buy the over-the-counter cold medicines some use to manufacture highly addictive and potentially lethal methamphetamine. Since that time, law enforcers around Wichita have seen more drug traffickers coming across the border. These law enforcers now want Kansas lawmakers to pass the same kind of restrictions in Kansas. These restrictions would require pharmacies to keep tablets containing ephedrine and psuedoephedrine behind the counter. The popular cold medicines are among the key ingredients in manufacturing meth. Kansas is not alone in this venture. Over twenty-seven states have are looking at this Oklahoma law as a model for similar legislation. WIth this new law Oklahoma on pace to see 561 fewer meth labs seized this year.

This is the relevant portion of the law:
D. Any wholesaler, manufacturer, or distributor of drug products containing pseudoephedrine or phenylpropanolamine, or their salts, isomers, or salts of isomers shall obtain a registration annually from the Oklahoma State Bureau of Narcotics and Dangerous Drugs Control. Any such wholesaler, manufacturer, or distributor shall keep complete records of all transactions involving such drug products including the names of all parties involved in the transaction and amount of the drug products involved. The records shall be kept readily retrievable and separate from all other invoices or records of transactions not involving such drug products, and shall be maintained for not less than three (3) years. 63 O.S. ยง 2-332


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