Friday, April 22, 2005

Senate Approves Bill Banning Political Contributions at the Capitol Building

The Senate has given bipartisan approval to a measure by Sen. John Ford (R-Bartlesville) to prohibit anyone from accepting campaign contributions at any state government buildings.
The House author of House Bill 2058 is Rep. John Trebilcock (R-Broken Arrow). The measure, which was approved 44 to 1 on Monday, would make accepting contributions a misdemeanor offense.
"I do not believe that this bill would create an unnecessary hardship or impede government in any way," said Ford. "The problem is that there's a lot of distrust towards elected officials. If we can do something to help restore that trust, then we should."
House Bill 2058 will now move to a joint House/Senate conference committee. There the final version of the bill will be drafted before being returned to each chamber for a final vote.


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