Monday, January 17, 2005

Student's Privacy Protected

The Attorney General recently signed an agreement entitled the Assurance of Voluntary Compliance with National Research Center for College and University Admissions, Inc. (NRCCUA). NRCCUA is a research agency which surveys high school students. Several states including Oklahoma allege that NRCCUA strongly implies that information garnered from the high school students is used for college recruitment purposes. However, the states alleged the company failed to disclose that information would also be shared with other companies for marketing purposes.

The agreement is a result of over two years of negotiations. Under the agreement, NRCCUA will be prohibited from selling students information for non-educational marketing purposes. The company will also be required to provide notice to students parents that they will be conducting the survey and that students have the option not to take it. The company will also pay Oklahoma $10,000 for attorney fees and investigative costs. Here is the Press Release from the AG's office.


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