Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Escaped Oklahoma Killer Randolph Dial Found

Several years ago, a new couple moved into a mobile home on a wooded lot in Campti, Texas, a small town near the Louisiana Border. As the years passed, residents of Campti began to feel that there was something not quite right about the pair. They kept to themselves in their secluded trailer, raising their chickens. They were not social with the locals, which was unusual for this small community.
Early this month the residents of Campti found out why their neighbors had been so aloof. Someone surfing the "America's Most Wanted" web site saw a familiar face. Based on a tip from the AMW fan, law enforcement officers entered the mobile home and found Randolph Franklin Dial .
Over fifteen years ago, Randolph Dial had been sentenced to life imprisonment by Judge Clifford E. Hopper of the District Court of Tulsa County for the murder of Kelly Hogan, an Oklahoma karate instructor, in 1981. Dial confessed to the murder, claiming it was a contract killing and that he was hired by the mob.
While in prison Dial, a renowned sculptor and painter who holds a masters degree in art, obtained trusty status allowing him to stay outside the prison walls with only minimum security. On August 30, 1994, Dial escaped taking with him Bobbi Parker, the wife of a deputy warden of the prison.
Parker, whom residents of Campti had known as "Sam", was found shortly after Dial's re-arrest tending chickens in a nearby farm. Though initially it appeared that Parker did not wish to return to her family, more recent reports indicated that she was kept captive against her will and never reported Dial in fear for her family's safety. Parker and her husband Randy had an emotional reunion on Tuesday.


At 10:34 AM, Blogger Dorkamo said...

Somebody tell me more about the kidnapping?? Will the reunited couple live happily ever after?

Are there any explanations for this type of long term abduction/romance/abduction?

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